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Podcast Episode 2: Doria

Mama to 3 gorgeous children, River 7, India 5 1/2 and Ocean 3 ½. Doria is an American-Israeli, Writer with a background in Philosophy. She is married to a Swedish husband and moved to Portugal a few years ago to start a new life in neutral territory. Doria tells her story with complete transparency and honesty. In our sit down together she considers how her life choices (the bold, brave and crazy)have helped her to evolve and learn how to really tune into who she is as not only a mother, but as a woman in society.

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Podcast episode 1: Heleen

On this episode, I sat down with my dear friend Heleen to talk about what it was like to birth and raise children in China. She shares her stories with such openness, positivity, and humour. We talk about cultural differences, the ease of motherhood and deliveries, being offered pizza while she was pushing for her first baby and what it was like to give birth in an Uber.

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