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Postpartum care

Birth truly is a sacred rite of passage, the ending of a life once known and the beginning of a completely new one. It is filled with a kaleidoscope of experiences, emotions, thought processes and hundreds of new tasks. Every woman deserves the right to heal, recover and slowly bloom during the first 40 days. It is said that what happens during this time, carves the way for the next 40 years.


It would be an honour to be a part of your village and to be there with you as you slowly bloom. After all, we all share the same name; Our name is Mama.


'Postpartum is a state in which all Mamas reside. There is no going back, only through and forward'.

The Postpartum Pantry

A collection of easy recipes designed to nourish, heal and soothe.

These dishes were thoughtfully chosen and tailored for the recovering Mama by Postpartum Doula Jessica and Dietitian Natalie. They are simple and nutritious, made to fill the belly, fuel the body for healing and to keep the milk flowing. To be eaten warm and enjoyed slowly.

Podcast Series


Episode 1: Heleen

On the first episode of my podcast series, I sat down with my dear friend Heleen to talk about what it was like to birth and raise children in China. She shares her stories with such openness, positivity, and humour. We talk about cultural differences, the ease of motherhood and deliveries, being offered pizza while she was pushing for her first baby and her incredible birth story –  what it was like to give birth in an Uber. 
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Episode 2: Doria

Mama to 3 gorgeous children, Doria is an American-Israeli, Writer with a background in Philosophy. She is married to a Swedish husband and moved to Portugal a few years ago to start a new life in neutral territory. Doria tells her story with complete transparency and honesty. In our chat together, she considers how her life choices (the bold, brave & crazy) have helped her to evolve and learn how to tune into who she is as not only a mother, but as a woman in society.

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