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Kind Words

 Jess, the work you do feels to me as if it allows space to bring forward the higher self. (I called it the other day “my higher mother-self”)
 Thank you deeply. Our session was such a source of inspiration for me and a moment in my life that will be etched in my memory forever.”
"I feel firmly grounded in my new chapter as a mama, and I’m feeling positive about our future as a family with much less anxiety. 
Thank you for playing such an incredibly important role in my healing.”
“This investment heavily contributed to my wonderful postpartum journey with Hugo. Thursday’s were my favourite day of the week. I was nourished, loved, cared for and heard. It was honestly the most wonderful experience, so much so that I would consider having another baby to be nurtured by Jess again.”
"Thank you so much for the experience you were able to provide, it was truly special to me. It really meant a lot to me for many reasons. I felt alive, nourished and connected afterwards , like parts of me I haven’t felt before or not integrated in that way on a body and soul level. My relationship with my daughter has been gently different since, I can see a much softer sense of herself and in me. “
“The moment I met you in person, I knew that you were the one to walk with me through my transition to motherhood. Your warmth and gentle nature, your soothing voice and view on the world helped create a certain safety. Thank you Jess, for choosing this path so that you could help me heal.”
“Until now, I didn’t think it was possible to have such a positive, transformative postpartum experience. As a second time Mother, I was looking for extra support, food and guidance but it was so much more than that. Having you with me Jess gave me such comfort and put me at ease. I knew that whatever came up during our 6 weeks together, that I would be ok. And that for me, was everything. I will always look back on this time with a warmth in my heart. Thank you!”