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Belly Binding is a centuries-old tradition that has in recent times, become a more normalised tradition for modern mothers all over the globe. Sometimes referred to as “Bengkung belly binding”, this practice was born in Malaysian culture where it is still traditionally incorporated into the postpartum healing process.

During pregnancy and after birth, a woman’s body is flooded with a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin is produced by the ovaries and placenta and is at its highest levels as the first trimester transitions into the second and then again during birth. It then continues to circulate in lower levels, throughout the body and has been known to stay until breastfeeding has stopped.

This hormone relaxes the mother’s muscles, joints and ligaments to make room from the growing baby and to help the mother to expand during birth. The effects of relaxin are concentrated around the pelvic region, softening the joints of the pelvis in preparation for birth.

This way of Belly Binding is gentle, supportive and helps the newborn mother to feel stronger in her daily movements.

With the support of Belly Binding, you can work with the surges of relaxin within the body to help guide the organs, muscles and pelvis back into shape after birth. It can aid in abdominal healing and diastasis recti recovery and supports the body’s natural spine and posture realignment after birth.

Belly Binding is NOT waist training. It is important to state this as some women do categorise it with getting back into shape after birth. This way of belly binding is gentle, supportive and helps the newborn mother to feel stronger in her daily movements.

Possible benefits of postpartum Belly Binding include;

  • Hip and pelvic support
  • Helping to correct diastasis recti
  • Lower back support
  • Helping to correct posture
  • Helping to guide organs back into place as the uterus shrinks
  • Helping to flush out postpartum bleeding
  • Giving the newborn mother a self-care practice

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